Cost of Disability Research

Cost of Disability

What is the cost of disability in a New Zealand context?

The Cost of Disability research, the first of its kind in New Zealand was led by Disability Resource Centre Auckland (now known as Indepdent Living) in collabration with the University of Auckland's Centre for Health Services Research and Policy (CHSRP).  

The aim of the research, carried out in 2006 was to identify the additional resources (support, equipment, transport and time) and the costs associated with these resources that disabled people aged 18-64 years require to live in the community and to acheive an ordinary starndard of living. People with physical, sensory, intellectual and mental health impairment were included.  

This project was co-funded by the Ministry of Social Development and the Health 
Research Council of New Zealand, and conducted by the Disability Resource Centre, in collaboration with the University of Auckland. Any opinions expressed in this report are those of the research participants and authors, and do not necessarily represent the views of the funders. While the research findings are intended to inform Government policy, they should not be construed as an undertaking that changes to government funding or services will result. 
Published 2010 
ISBN 978-0-478-32384-9 (Online)

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