Testimonial from Laura Fergusson Rehabilitation Stroke Programme services

3rd August 2015
To whom it may concern:
Feedback about Independent Living Service sessions at Laura Fergusson Rehabilitation
Stroke Programme services.
Over several years the ILS service and in particular Kaz Howlett (for almost all of this time) has very kindly contributed to the education component of the Laura Fergusson Community Activity Stroke programme’s run through this center. 
These activity programme’s  were established for people who have had strokes and are back to living in the community  but continuing to work on their rehabilitation and attempting to return to participation in their usual lifestyles again.
The Independent Living Service contribution to these sessions has been extremely valuable to the many people who have gone through this programme. 
As mentioned, these stroke survivors are living back in the community again following their stroke. They often need to make many adaptations in order to manage with their changed physical, emotional or social environments.

The Independent Living Service offers a wealth of knowledge, experience and advice to support people in their lives with the kind of transitions they need to make. Knowledge and advice about adaptive or enhancing equipment has been really useful to many of the participants attending these sessions. 

The mobile service enables Kaz to bring a significant amount of relevant product to show participants and allowing them to trial it as needed is excellent.  Because there is availability of purchase of equipment this has been very convenient for the participants.  Or if something is not available at the time Kaz has always been very good at following this up with people as necessary. 
In addition to equipment Kaz has been very good about informing the participants of other service provision and assistance that the ILS offers.  For example, application advice around Mobility scooter funding is an area that ILS can guide and support people. 
Kaz herself is a very dynamic and positive person.  Her personal contribution to these sessions is much appreciated.  She is always very engaged with the participants and helpful to them as individuals with individual stories. 
As coordinator of the Laura Fergusson Stroke Programme service I am very appreciative of the ongoing support the Independent Living Service and in particular Kaz Howlett gives to our programme. 
Yours faithfully

Lynette Lulich
Stroke Services Co-ordinator
Laura Fergusson Rehabilitation
(09) 522 9823  lynettel@lft.co.nz

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