Financial Support

Financial Support

I have an impairment, can I get help with my living expenses?

If you’re unable to work, or are working fewer hours because you’re sick, injured, disabled or pregnant, Work and Income (WINZ) may be able to help you with living costs.
Work and Income Benefits
Jobseeker Support
This benefit is for people who can usually work full-time.
It also includes people who can only work part-time or can’t look for work at the moment, for example because they have a health condition, injury or disability.*
Sole Parent Support
This payment is for sole parents caring for children under the age of 14 who can look or prepare for part-time work.
Supported Living Payment
This benefit is for people who are severely restricted or unable to work on a long-term basis because of a health condition or disability, and for people who are caring for someone who needs significant care.

Discretionary Grants
There are a number of philanthropic organisations that offer discretionary funds for costs that may not be covered by Government support.  Visit our Directory or a list of these.

StepUP Loans
StepUP is a low, fixed-interest loan with no fees, for people on low incomes who currently qualify for a Community Services Card.  You can borrow up to $5000 and have up to three years to pay it back.  There are no hidden charges.  For more information contact Salvation Army Community Finance.
Phone: 0800 854 009

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